“This is one of the best decisions my husband and I made during my pregnancy. The all encompassing support that Bobbi provided throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum was essential. No complaints, hire Bobbi Mae Doula!”

Monica Ramirez

“Bobbi was recommended to me by a friend, and I am so incredibly grateful to have had her on my birth team. I had a high risk pregnancy and Bobbi was responsive and super helpful as we prepared for our little guy’s birth. My labour process was also a little complicated, but with Bobbi’s support and calm demeanour, I was able to call on some serious inner strength during the birth of our baby boy. I’m quite sure it would have gone differently if my partner and I hadn’t had Bobbi there with us! We are so grateful to have had Bobbi as our guide through the process.”

Katie-Ann Kailey

“Having Bobbi in the delivery room was so great!! She incredibly helpful and calming and it felt so special to have her share in such an intimate experience. Would absolutely hire her again!”

John Oehler

“Bobbi was a great resource for me before, during, and after labor! She provided me with excellent recommendations on books, websites, and other resources that allowed me to gain as much knowledge as possible prior to birth. This knowledge empowered me and prepared me for my first labor and birth experience – which ended up being so smooth, natural, and beautiful. The pictures and story she wrote about my labor will be treasured forever. In the times of COVID I had to choose between having a family member with me or a doula – and I am so thankful I chose a doula/Bobbi. Her demeanor is so calming amidst the chaos that is labor, and she took excellent care of me! I would definitely recommend Bobbi of Bobbi Mae Doula!”

Krystal Duncan
“Bobbi was everything I could have asked for and more in a doula for the birth of our first child. Her knowledgeable guidance and steady presence was a true gift in navigating the extreme emotions and experience of the hospital delivery room, as well as the before and after birth care. I 100% would/will hire her again for future births!”
Samantha Feinberg

“Bobbi was everything we could have hoped for in a doula: supportive, knowledgeable, comforting, and responsive. Bobbi was not only a huge help to me during the birthing process, but she was also a huge help to my birthing partner, who had a medical phobia. I recommend Bobbi to all of my pregnant friends when they’re considering a doula.”

Whitney Schumacher

“Bobbi was the best investment I made during my pregnancy! She helped me prepare emotionally and physically for the birth of my daughter. As a single Mom the support she offered before, during and after birth was key to our journey! I consider her a friend and without a doubt would have her as a member of my team next time I give birth.”

Karli Coggin

“I interviewed a handful of doulas when I first got pregnant, and Bobbi’s calming voice and demeanor was exactly what I was looking for. She had the knowledge and confident support that I wanted in a doula, while also making me feel like she was more of a friend than a paid service provider. I appreciated all of her natural (and effective) suggestions when I had concerns (such as why the heck does my back hurt so bad?!) during the months leading up to my birth. My birth was so fast that I didn’t get to spend as much time as I expected laboring with her, but I appreciated having her there for those intense couple hours! My husband was thankful that she was there for support as well, as we were both first time parents and didn’t know what the heck to expect!”

Birth Doula Client

Loved working with Bobbi!! She was such a calming, supportive presence at the birth of our son and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat.

Allison Harp