Birth Doula

Birth Doula Package (prices starting at $1650.00, sliding scale)

  • One 30min no-obligation consultation via phone or facetime.
  • Two prenatal visits in your home.
  • Basic childbirth education, birth planning, comfort exercises, guided meditation, visualization tools, nutrition consulting and postpartum and self-care tips
  • Education and Q&A with your partner. We can work on comfort measures, positions, and basic childbirth education for your partner to be engaged and informed at the birth.
  • FAQs for your place of delivery.
  • Custom typed birth preferences & birth plan.
  • Recommended reading list.
  • Recommended podcast list.
  • Referral and guidance to local resources for lactation, body work, birth classes and more.
  • On call 24/7 for your birth for the final two weeks of your pregnancy (336 hours on call/standby).
  • Unlimited phone, email, facetime, and text message support at any time throughout your pregnancy and first two weeks of postpartum.
  • Continuous support throughout labor, childbirth, and 1-2 hours postpartum.
  • Photos and videos of birth and newborn baby (taken via my iPhone or your camera).
  • Postpartum home visit within 2 weeks after the birth.
  • Phone consultations as needed, up to six weeks postpartum.
  • Lactation support (within my scope of practice).
  • A backup Doula in the event of personal or family emergency or after 24 hours in labor with you.